Oleg, President, 

Radooga Int.


Lifeworkx is truly amazing and unique. We receive teams from America to help us all the time, but only these guys have a heart that is truly about serving us and helping us succeed instead of promoting their own agenda.



I am so grateful for everything my brothers did for us in Uganda, they helped change our lives. I miss them very much and cannot wait until they return.

Rodolfo, CEO  FEM Consultoria 

Dominican Republic

Lifeworkx has changed everything about how I interact with the people I lead.

I met Steve Aldrich in 2013, at the age of 40, when he came to the prison where I was incarcerated to do a full-day Lifeworkx seminar. Before that time, I had caused in others’ lives and I had gone through some traumatizing events. I did not understand that what I was looking for my whole life was that inside me there was something unique and valuable, that I could only find as I allowed myself to understand just how special and loved I was to God.


Trauma started early in my life, being sexually abused by a family friend when I was 5. I learned from that event that taking from others in different ways made me feel better. This “taking” involved theft and shoplifting, fighting, vandalism, arson, and sexual abuse. I was incarcerated at the age of 17, and after that, I was never out of the “system” for more than eighteen months before I would find myself I trouble again. But I never really found my true self in any of it, and I was pretty unhappy with life.


When I met Steve, the first thing I got from him was before he said anything. His whole demeanor was full of love, and I could tell that what he had was something more than just another workshop. He brought a map that God laid out when he created me, so that I could find the true me.


Since that meeting in 2013, life has not been easy or comfortable, but I have found that in knowing who I am, I have been able to find more satisfaction in life than ever. I have got my Master’s degree, started my doctorate, and I am working in a job that I truly love because it is based on many of the strengths I was able to identify through the Lifeworkx program.

Lifeworkx did not change my life. Lifeworkx opened my eyes to who I am in God, and from that, I have been able to change my life because I know who I really am.

Bill H.


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