The Best is Yet to Come!

December 30, 2016


I do not have any great insights or game-changing seeds of wisdom to share with you (I know you are distraught). I wanted to take this week to share and celebrate some of the amazing work God has done through Lifeworkx this year. 
As you can see from the infograph, 2016 has been a big year. It has been a big year for growth; personally, functionally, and in opportunity and discipleship. Our team expanded and with it our capability and capacity to reach the world. The goals our team set out to accomplish this year were not only met, but had the roof blown off through amazing partners and God's blessing. We have been humbled and brought to tears time after time through each struggle and adversity that God has met us in. 
We have a saying around Lifeworkx that is as pivotal to our ethos of seeking life transformation for the nations: "The best is yet to come". 
This saying is at the heart of everything we believe for ministry, for ourselves, for the world, and for you. To sound horribly cliche, yesterday is gone; today is hard; tomorrow is our hope. Life transformation is all about making the choice to change today for a vibrant tomorrow. This is our prayer and hope for you.
With this in mind, we truly believe 2017 will be the best year ever at Lifeworkx. We have so many invitations from around the world to help local leaders grow and equip them to transform their nations: Pakistan, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Dubai, Ukraine, Uganda, Guatemala, Lebanon, South Korea, Indonesia, Phillipines, Kenya, Nigeria and India. The potential impact is astounding. The rough total of pastors and leaders from these countries who would attend our trainings is right about 1,000 (over double from this year). If each of them experiences complete transformation in how they do life and ministry, and if they each lead 100, 200, or 500 people... That could be a gross impact of 100,000, 200,000, or 500,000 lives. This is how nations are transformed for Christ.  

So a big thank you to all who partner with us in prayer and finances. While we do have suggested donation amounts to attend our trainings, the amount in just that: a suggestion. We do not actually charge for what we do. It is entirely supported through charitable giving of people like you. So if you want to help see the world impacted in 2017 and beyond, please visit the URL listed on the infograph.

Blessings to you,




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