February 17, 2017

I am tired. The kind where there is seriously not enough coffee in the world kind of tired. The sort of tired that makes you go, "Why haven't scientists come up with a non-addictive, non-life destroying form of crack yet for me to use?". Yes, I am a Christian and just said crack might be useful to me right now. If you did not catch any of my blogs from our previous website, I talk like this a lot. I'm messy and unafraid to admit it. Welcome to the grit of Lifeworkx! 


"Previous website?"

Yes! This is a big part of why I'm exhausted. We recently had our website that was up and running for nine years on a different platform suddenly crash, and our .com domain try and run away two years before renewal. Fortunately we were able to recover the .com (which will be back in use shortly) but lost EVERYTHING from the old site. Years of blogs, site info, search optimization and history, the whole 99 yards. 


I like a good challenge, but rebuilding a semi-functional website that also doesn't melt the eyes of visitors when they look at it, all in a ridiculously short amount of time was horrific. Satisfying, but horrific.


Perspective is an interesting thing like that. 

We all have experiences that are panic inducing. Moments that keep you awake at night. You wonder if things will be ok on the other side. This recent problem was relatively minor in the grand scheme of things that could go wrong; we could have had a team member die. My family could have experienced a number of terrifying situations. 

The point I'm driving to is this: God's grace endures and can get us through the hard moments. The entire time I've been trying to get us back up and running online, I've just been repeating to myself, "God, what we do is yours; your will be done...please keep the pieces of me that are trying to fall apart together". 


I'm still in one messy, tired, done with this project piece. 

God never promises that it will be easy going through the difficult times; He promises He will be there with us in the moment, help keep us together, and help us recover and heal on the other side if we just let Him. 


So here I am Lord, I'll take the rest you give. 

"Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest" - Matthew 11:28 



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