February 27, 2017


Not all of my investments have worked out. I’m not exclusively talking about financial investments, but of where I spend my time, deep thoughts and emotional energy. I have perused career paths that have only ended in unanswered applications and worse, years of energy that ended in a dead end.


Some of my greatest investments have been in people. Some have squandered it, others went a different path and I never heard about them. But others have taken that investment and flourished more than I could have imagined.


In my first year of teaching I had Brittney*. She was the only student I was warned about going into my first year. “She’s hopeless.” “Only good for negative attention.” “Watch out.” Great start, huh? And the thing was at the end of week one- they weren’t wrong. So much hurt and brokenness forced into this girl from years of bullying and rejection. What does a new teacher do? Invest- pennies at a time. A smile, thanks for small things, greeting by name, being patient. What good can pennies do? Well as I passed out the final at the end of the year Brittney had the top grade in class and changed her college focus because she loved the content of this class.


At the same time, my friend Cassie* needed investment physically. She was immersed in an overweight lifestyle. It took some brutal honesty to help her see that real change was needed. But instead of a complete makeover of her life, I again invested pennies. Do you need that much diet soda? And seeing positive returns on smaller investments, I asked more challenging questions. What about getting and using a treadmill? Throughout this journey I was always in awe of how honest she was and how she really took this as her own. Now she’s living a healthy life, 120 pounds lighter.


A more recent invest investment I made was with a Lifeworkx® training for 50 high school students.  Lifeworkx® was invited to do a 4 hour session with a private school that wanted to invest in their students. With only four hours, we could not have students go through the whole Lifeworkx® experience, but we could share with them the two most important questions: why and how. Why is it important to share your real story and how do you do that? How can reframing give your past health instead of pain? Why is it important to understand your personality and strengths? And how do I discover why my unique destiny?


It was magic- 4 hours of engaged high school students! They were excited to learn about themselves, eager to see what this could mean for their future. Lifeworkx® is a great way to invest in lives, for the young and for the rest of us. Invest in lives today through Lifeworkx®!


*Real people, fictional names.

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