How to Travel the Lifeworkx® way

April 25, 2017


The first half of the year is filled with traveling for Lifeworkx®. We have been to 3 countries (not including 2 trainings in the US) and are about to head off to 2 more this week. Perhaps your work or lifestyle has you traveling a lot as well. In our travels, we have found that the time is more enjoyable when we travel with our Lifeworkx® filter on. What does that mean? It means we are thinking about each interaction and person through the 4 parts of Lifeworkx®: Story, Design, Strengths, and Destiny.


Everyone has their life story, the real story, which influences who they are. And that life story influences us even more in times of stress and uncertainty. There are a lot of people who travel under stress and uncertainty. People may lash out at the smallest things while traveling, and their story has a part of the reasoning as to why they do that. When people react negatively or do and say negative things, the Lifeworkx® way is to ask “I wonder what their story is?” In this way, you extend grace to the person.


People live and interact through their design, or personality. It’s obvious to see when you are looking. Sitting down to a stranger on the plane: do they strike up a conversation with you like old friends or say hi then ignore you for the rest of the flight? There’s an easy way to see the difference of an Extrovert and Introvert of Myers Briggs. Is there a couple arguing because one is enforcing the details of the plans while the other is more carefree about the schedule? There is Myers Briggs Judging and Perceiving in conflict.  Understanding that each person interacts with others is based on their personality allows you to be more accepting of their differences.


Seeing strengths in others may come more naturally to some, but the more you learn about the 34 themes that Gallup has discovered, the easier they are to see. See an airline worker who is crying with and reflecting the emotions of the customer? That worker may have EmpathyTM as a strength. More important that guessing strengths in others is using and displaying your strengths while traveling. As you think, act, and feel through your strengths, others see it and it inspires them to use their strengths as well.


Destiny, we all share a general destiny. 2 Corinthians 1:4 says “we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves receive from God.” Have you been comforted or encouraged in your travels? Then use that to do the same for others in their stress and uncertainty. We all also have a specific destiny as well. How yours relates to travel, only you know. But sometimes you can see a young child absolutely fascinated by planes and pretending to be a pilot. Maybe that’s a unique insight into their destiny. It may just be the aspect of discovering a new place or being responsible for all the people on board, or adventure. Whatever the cause, encourage the dreaming child.


As we head out at the end of this week, I invite you to join us. Join us in traveling the Lifeworkx® way. Look at the people around you and realize God has made each of them uniquely. Each of them have a unique Story, Design, Strength, and Destiny. In doing so you will have more grace and acceptance towards strangers and be an inspiration and encouragement to them. Happy Lifeworkx® travels!


The EmpathyTM strength theme is a trademark of Gallup Inc.

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